Sainsbury’s changes the name of tiger bread on toddler’s suggestion!

Tiger bread

The supermarket has renamed tiger bread giraffe bread following a toddler’s letter saying it looked more like a giraffe

As the saying goes, the customer is always right, and when it came to tiger bread, Sainsbury’s supermarket agreed with one young customer.

Toddler Lily Robinson wrote a letter to Sainsbury’s last May asking why tiger bread was called tiger bread when its crust looked more like the pattern on a giraffe.

Tiger bread renamed giraffe bread

Chris King, a member of Sainsbury’s customer service team, wrote back to Lily saying, “Renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea – it looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn’t it?” He also included a £3 Sainsbury’s gift card for the tot.

When Lily’s mum posted pictures of the letters on her blog, it was quickly trending on twitter. Chris was even awarded his own Facebook fanpage and is now training to be a primary school teacher.

The story became a hit on Facebook and Twitter and the customer service team was inundated with phone calls from customers in support of the new name.

A spokesman for the store said, “In response to overwhelming customer feedback that our tiger bread has more resemblance to a giraffe, from today we will be changing our tiger bread to giraffe bread and seeing how that goes.”

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