Amoralia Cupcake Nursing Bra

Mum Street Rating

  • Price £35
  • Style Style rating of 5
  • Ease of use Ease of use rating of 5
  • Value for money Value for money rating of 4
  • Overall Overall review rating of 5

Sizes Available: 32-38; B-G cup
Features: Soft cotton lining; stretch graphic lace to adapt to changing shape; drop-cups; 6 hook and eye adjustments; machine washable at 40 degrees
Colours: Black; White; Pewter
Stockist: Amoralia

The Best Bits: This underwear set makes you feel good the moment you put it on – it’s beautiful as well as practical and comfortable to wear.

Room For Improvement: It’s hard to find anything to change about this bra but it would be easier to adjust the shoulder straps if the slider was at the front as on some other nursing bras.

There’s one guarantee from Amoralia’s maternity and nursing underwear and that’s femininity. The Cupcake Nursing Bra lives up to this and is very pretty, lacy and even a bit sexy in a grown-up kind of way when twinned with the matching knickers.

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I wear a few different brands of nursing bra and, while I swear by some of them for comfort and practicality, I certainly don’t feel attractive in them and frequently tell my husband not to look at me when getting dressed. The Cupcake set arrived on my doorstep the day he was returning from a trip to America so I wore them as a treat and instantly felt attractive again. (Unfortunately, I forgot he would be jetlagged and wouldn’t notice what I was wearing but the thought was there!).

Many pretty things fall down in the practical and comfort stakes but the Cupcake didn’t let me down. The cotton lining is incredibly comfortable and soft against the skin and it has six hook and eye adjustments, which I find useful depending on how full my boobs are! It provides excellent support and the drop cups are easy to use with one hand. The lace is stretchy so it adapts to your shape, which seems to work well, although you can see the lace slightly through tighter tops. It’s also comfortable enough for night-time use.

In the short time I’ve had it, the bra has been leaked and vomited on (so much for feeling sexy) and it’s washed perfectly and still looks as good as new.

One thing I’ve found really useful on other nursing bras is having the shoulder strap adjustment at the front rather than at the back halfway down your shoulder where it’s impossible to adjust without help. The Cupcake’s adjustment is at the back and, while it’s not a big deal (after all, conventional bras are designed this way), if I were being picky that would be one thing I would change.

It’s at the higher end of my bra-spending price range and is probably what I would spend if I were treating myself in my previous non-breastfeeding life but I think it’s worth the money if you invest at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey.

MumStreet Verdict: The Cupcake is comfortable, easy-to-wear and gives you the femininity and sexiness that you often feel is missing when you’ve just had a baby.

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