Your five-minute guide to nappy rash

Nappy change

Nappy rash is all part of being a baby so find out how to care for your little one’s bottom and watch that rash fade away…

What is it?

Inflammation of the skin around your baby’s nappy area.

What does it look like?

Your baby’s bottom and the creases of his thighs become red and inflamed.

What causes it?

It’s caused by prolonged contact with dirty nappies and their contents. It’s very common and almost all babies get it at some point, even if you change your baby’s nappy regularly. A barrier cream, such as Metanium or Sudocrem, will help protect your baby’s sensitive skin from nappy rash.

Does it hurt my baby?

Your baby’s bottom may feel sore and if left untreated nappy rash can lead to an infection. An ointment, such as Timodine, which you can get from your doctor, will help soothe any discomfort.

Can I treat it?

Nappy rash shouldn’t last more than a few days if you treat it.

  • Wash and dry the area thoroughly after changing.
  • Leave your baby nappy-free as often and for as long as possible.
  • There’s no need to apply a barrier cream to his skin once the rash has cleared up – it’s best to let the air get to it.

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