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If you’ve read up on how to keep your baby or toddler safe around the home, you may have spotted some ‘danger-zones’ that need attention. And there are lots of gadgets out there to help. Check out our essentials shopping list to help keep your little one safe from accidents around the home.

Lindam Easy Fix Stair Gate

Easy Fit Premium Stair Gate, Lindam, £26.99
Safety gates are the perfect way to secure certain areas of your home to keep your little one out of danger. They’re usually used at the top and bottom of stairs but can also be used to block more hazardous areas of the house, such as the kitchen. The best time to invest in a safety gate is when your baby starts to crawl and they’re suitable up to the age of 24 months.

Lindam’s Easy Fit Premium is a pressure fit stair gate, which means no drilling or mess. It features a two-way gate with an ‘easy close’ system that locks the gate securely in place. Available from Argos.

Dusky Moon Dream Tube

Dusky Moon Dream Tubes, Hippychick, £49.99
The transition from cot to bed can be a tricky one and lots of children find themselves tumbling out of bed in the night. This can lead to disrupted sleep for all the family, not to mention the odd bruise.

Dream Tubes are a great solution to ensure a safe night’s sleep for your child. Simply blow up the two inflatable tubes and pop them in the pockets of the specially designed 100% white cotton sheet. They act as a cosy barrier to stop your child falling out of bed. Dream Tubes are available in two sizes and are suitable for any standard cot bed or single bed.

Playpens are the perfect way to keep your little one in sight!

Safe & Secure Playpen, Lindam, £99.99
Playpens are a lifesaver once your baby starts to crawl – he can be there one minute and gone the next! Playpens give you the reassurance that your child is safely secured in one place.

Lindam’s Safe and Secure Playpen creates a safe environment for both babies and toddlers. The see-through sides allow your child to see you from the pen and an easy-to-use childproof gate makes lifting in and out a cinch. What’s more, it quickly converts from playpen to room divider, safety gate and hearth guard for extra protection around the house. Available from Argos.

Avent bath and room thermometer

Baby Bath and Room Thermometer, Philps Avent, £18
Your baby’s bath water should be comfortably warm, at about 37°C. You can check the temperature with your elbow, which is more sensitive than your hand. However, a thermometer can give you the extra reassurance that you’ve got it right.

The Philips AVENT Digital Bath and Bedroom Thermometer is a convenient way to monitor the temperature both in your baby’s room and in the bath. It floats on the surface of the water and has also been designed and tested as a safe, fun bath toy.

Tomy Digital Monitor

Digital Monitor TD300, Tomy, £64.99
Knowing your baby is sleeping safely is essential and a baby monitor will give you reassurance without having to pop into your baby’s room every few moments. They come with a host of features and gadgets – check out our buying guide to find the right one for you.

Tomy’s Digital Monitor TD300 gives you the reassurance of crystal clear sound, sound and light displays so you can ‘see’ and hear your baby, two way talkback, a nightlight and temperature display.

Gallery image

Gallery image

Baby Aid Compact, Baby Aid, £15.50
Accidents do happen so it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit within easy reach, just in case. The Baby Aid Compact kit is just the ticket and contains everything from dressings and bandages to burn gel and Brave Little Star Stickers. The 34-piece kit is packed into a dinky case that’s ideal to have around the home or slip into your changing bag when you’re out and about.

Lindam safety catches

Safety Catches, Lindam, £3.49 for six
Once they’ve found their legs, babies and toddlers become inquisitive little things. They’re likely to reach things and go places you never thought they’d go! And they’ll undoubtedly want to inspect what’s in all your draws and cupboards. This means everything you carefully stored away out of their reach is no longer safe. Lindam’s Safety Catches are a great idea and suitable for most cabinets and draws. They only allow restricted access (8cm) and are difficult for children to open. Available from Argos.

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