Your five-minute guide to baby milk spots

New baby

Skin problems may be more akin to teenagers but newborns can suffer too. Don’t panic, they clear up in no time…

What are milia?

Milia, also know as milk spots or water spots, are a collection of little yellow or white pinhead spots on your baby’s face. They often appear about two weeks after birth. They’re extremely common and more than half of babies will get some spots.

What do they look like?

They look like raised spots but they feel smooth to the touch. They usually appear around the nose, chin and cheeks and your baby’s skin may feel slightly oily.

What causes them?

Your baby’s body will be full of hormones in his first few weeks ,which will cause his skin glands to block and lead to blemishes.

Do they hurt my baby?

Milia may itch slightly but they don’t usually cause any discomfort.

Can I treat them?

You don’t need to treat your baby’s skin with any lotions or creams – milia clear up after 4-6 weeks. Simply wash your baby’s skin daily to keep it clean. Never be tempted to squeeze the pimples.

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